November 6-8, 2017 | Algiers, Algeria

What is AFSS Expo 2017

Scheduled for November 6-8, 2017 at Algiers, Algeria. The 7th AFSS Expo 2017 is the year’s largest exhibition devoted to Algeria’s fire, rescue, police, and emergency response sectors. With a population of over 38 million and a per capita income of about $7,500, the country has one of the most affluent and high spending populations in the region.

7th AFSS Expo 2017 will provide a complete range of procurement solutions to Algerian distributors, suppliers and traders looking for Fire, Rescue, Police and Emergency Response products. Algeria spends nearly 15 percent of its $2 billion annual defense budget on strengthening and modernizing its police force. 7th AFSS Expo 2017 will be the year’s biggest exhibition in these industries, featuring a wide range of information and procurement solutions on the latest products and services.

The exhibition hall will feature hundreds of products and services from hundreds of participating companies from over a dozen countries. This international focus will make it the most important event of the year in the Algerian fire, rescue, police and emergency response industries. Breakout sessions will take place next to the exhibit floor to give attendees a chance to explore topics of interest in depth and question experts in a more intimate setting.

The goal of the 7th AFSS Expo 2017 is to bring together experts and business leaders from Algeria and other countries to share and explore ideas on business opportunities and market trends. Join us at 7th AFSS Expo 2017, the year’s leading exhibition on the Algerian fire, rescue, police and emergency response industries.