November 6-8, 2017 | Algiers, Algeria

Adrem Engineering

Alexandrina 20-22, Sector 1, Bucuresti

+4021 233 59 20 / 21

About Exhibitor

ADREM ENGINEERING develops and implements comprehensive energy infrastructure solutions – from complex general contracting to in-house equipment developing.
The company’s story began in 1999, when Adrem Invest entered the automation market with its SCADA & Automation Division. What followed were 15 years of research, development and implementation of SCADA and process automation solutions. A key moment in the history of the division was the adaptation of its project portfolio to the concept of “Energy Efficiency through Technology”. This process was completed in 2014, when this division became Adrem Automation – a self-standing company. Due to the broadening of the product and services portfolio and to its desire to provide its clients with the best solutions, in 2016 Adrem Automation became Adrem Engineering, a part of the group of Adrem companies operating in the energy field.
Adrem Engineering intends to become both the leading supplier of energy infrastructure solutions in Romania, as well as an important player in the region.

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