November 6-8, 2017 | Algiers, Algeria

Enevo Group SRL

16 Negustori Street
Bucharest, Romania

+40 371 017 242

About Exhibitor

We have passed through a tremendously challenging and successful year in 2015. This message is, first of all, a sincere declaration of gratitude to our partners, clients and, not the least, our team. Our activity has more than doubled in the year that passed, making our team stronger, bigger and more efficient.

The Middle East Market has been a per-former for us in 2015, but business in the Romanian market has been good as well. The strong performance of the year that passed gives us confidence to tap into new markets, as I am confident in 2016 we will diversify our global footprint. The international markets allowed us access to projects that require multidisciplinary teams, having engineering automation and communication components. These are ENEVO type of projects, as we built — and continue to consolidate — cross func-tional, flexible teams, ready to adapt rapidly to new technologies and work together towards the successful completion of the project.

Today we can follow the entire cycle for any project development: from help-ing the client structuring its needs and selecting the most feasible technology for the desired results, , to the extensive design work and to managing all the logistics required to bring complex planning into reality. Our references stand proof of this philosophy: crafted dispatch centres, various applications for energy efficiency, turn-key delivery of grid connection solutions, stand-alone water plants powered by renewables, Power T&D engineering projects for medium voltage and high voltage systems and automation services for various industries.

We started out with the goal to create value around young professionals with the help of experienced seniors, who can, togeth-er, deliver highly efficient, innovative and cost-efficient solutions. Last year was a win-ning bet and a step closer towards our goal of long-term, sustainable and quality-driven development.

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