November 6-8, 2017 | Algiers, Algeria


Splaiul Unirii, nr. 313, cod postal 030138
3rd District, Bucharest, Romania

+4.021 346 86 90

About Exhibitor

ICPE ACTEL is a manufacturer of electrical equipment and services in the electrical domain of regulation and control of industrial processes (electric drives – power electronics), used mainly in energy, offshore or land, manufacturing, agriculture, irrigation, etc.
At the same time, ICPE ACTEL is a privately owned company and is part of the Romanian SMEs occupying a position of brand both internally and externally.

ICPE ACTEL is involved in topical objectives, such as energy efficiency and green energy, sustainable development and environmental protection.

Moreover, ICPE ACTEL has experience and expertise of over 60 years in electrical drives (in the area of power electronics) used in most industrial technologies. ICPE ACTEL has a technical team of specialists, with a core of experienced researchers who provide projects and developments in the classification of their products, but also highly customized and unique solutions. ICPE ACTEL is a high-tech company. The company is responsible to customers, shareholders and to the community it belongs to, remarking itself through quality, efficiency and flexibility in its cooperation relations, which led to long-term alliances. ICPE ACTEL wants consolidate and increase its position on the Romanian and foreign, through a proactive policy in these markets and the loyalty of its employees, seeking to maintain a product offers high performance, reliability and safety.

ICPE ACTEL wants to consolidate and increase its position on the Romanian and foreign market, through a proactive policy in these markets and through the loyalty of its employees, seeking to maintain a product offer of high performance, reliability and safety. ICPE ACTEL actively participates and organizes scientific and promotion meetings and is a member of numerous industry associations, willing to cooperate in any projects concerning its experience and its area of concern. ICPE ACTEL considers economic competitiveness in the region as a priority, trying to contribute both through their resource allocation and innovative projects and also through participation in programs funded by the Romanian budget and European funds.

Our team is characterized by professionalism, experience and commitment, as evidenced by the more than 60 years on the market. Being a small team, we need to engage in all aspects of the company and for our support and develop strategies, it is important to attract qualified and competent employees. Our goal is to form a dynamic team that can adapt to market demands and innovations. Currently ACTEL ICPE team has qualified and specialized personnel, to whose training and motivation is concerned, professionalism and involvement being encouraged. However, almost constantly, for a number of years, 30% of the company’s staff consists of highly educated technicians, of which 11 people are qualified for research and development (scientists, engineers, etc).

Quality and Excellence
The ongoing concern for the application of modern and standardized management concerning the quality, the environment and the occupational health and safety in order to realize ICPE ACTEL’S products and services, entitles the transformation of the company’s name into a brand known nationally and internationally.
Moreover, ICPE ACTEL is a member of the following business associations:

APREL – Patronatul Român din Industria Electronică, Electrotehnică, Tehnologia Informaţiilor şi Telecomunicaţiilor
FEPACM – Federatia Patronală din Industria Construcţiilor de Maşini
APE – Asociaţia Patronală ENERGIA,
PRCP – Patronatul Român din Cercetare şi Proiectare,
ACFR – Asociaţia Contractorilor de Foraj din România,
AGIR – Asociaţia Generală a Inginerilor din România
precum şi a:
CNR – CME – Comitetul Naţional Român – Consiliul Mondial al Energiei,
CCIB – Camera de Comerţ şi Industrie a Bucureştiului,
CCIR – Camera de Comerţ şi Industrie a României

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